By brendasbaby

3 More Days To The 30 Mark

Good Afternoon everyone I am 3 days away from making it my 30-day mark. I have struggled to get this point but I’m glad I’m finally making it there.  I got a lot to do in the next 28 days I got to get all my sales in to make my bonus of 100 extra bucks. There will be an extra 100 dollars on my paycheck at the end of the month. I went for a walk last night with fiancé and our dog for a little family walk. But today I’m mostly building my team and getting our customer base broaden. I am hoping to get my bonus this month and keep going higher. I love the company I work for they offer so many things I just want to go as high as possible. I actually believe in the products I sell. Unlike a lot of other companies I know first hand that these products actually work. I have felt them with my own experience. I don’t know if any of you have heard the new buzz about Saba but it’s a great health and wellness company I work with a lot of great people, I have some of the most kind hearted people on the team that I joined and now I’m building my team and its wonderful. I have never enjoyed working until I started working for this company. Well today my fiancé is only working a half of a day. We are going to spend the rest of it at home playing video games and board games. I’m really excited. We have so much fun playing games together. Her birthday is this month so I had my mom help me order her present. We are also going on our first vacation this summer. We are going to New Jersey we were going to Six Flags but they will be closed before we can go. We were kind of disappointed about that. But we are still going to go and have fun and just play the vacation by ear. I think no matter what we do we will still have fun. Well I’m going to wrap it up for now. I will talk to you all again tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and that your quits come easy and temptations stay at bay. I am routing for all of you. SO HERE TO ANOTHER DAY OF STAYING QUIT!
Onwards and upwards!
You can do it! Hang in there - congrats on nearly 30 days!
Sounds like a nice day planned :) Stay strong
Thanks for sharing enjoy the games!
i always found gaming a good way to get through the cravings. Loosing myself in another world really helped.
i agree Mrmotivator