By brendasbaby

No Motivation Today And I'm Really Sad!!

Good Afternoon! Yesterday emotionally was great. Physically was horrible. I lost a filling in one of my teeth and I suffered from a massive toothache all night and still do. Cant go get it fixed till next week. Looks like ill be suffering till then. Tried some at home remedies they all failed miserably. So sleep and Tylenol is the only that even helped some. Going to have to get some oral gel today to try and numb it some. Maybe I can get some help in getting some of the pain relieve before the day is over. I’ve about had it with this tooth over 24 hours and I can’t enjoy simple things. On top of that I was having cravings all night, which didn’t make matters any better. I am really just not feeling anything today. I have no motivation anything. I have barely ate anything today all I’ve really done is slept. I am not even feeling writing my journal entry for today. What is wrong with me? How do I get out of this and back to normal? I hope this is temporary and because of my tooth hurting. I think im going to get my fiancé to play board games with me tonight! Maybe that will cheer me up. Have any of you struggle with random depression about almost month into your quit ive done really well until now and all of sudden bam im sade and have no motivation I think that its mostly worrying. And I don’t know what to do about it. Well im going to wrap up my journal for today don’t have a lot to say because im mostly being quite today. SO here we go here to another day quit another week Its time to make the best we can of it. I think we all struggle throughtout our quts we just know whats better for us then some of the others. I will try my best to be happy but I don’t know how that is possible on a day like this maybe tomorrow will be better and I will have a better weekend.So we got I think we are day 26 or something like that I really lost track of the days. I try to dewell on it som much that way that’s not all that I focus on. HERES IS TO ANOTHER DAY STAY AND CONTINUING TO STAY QUIT!!
Thanks for sharing :)
Oh dear, i hope the toothache is better
Stay strong :) I had bad spells after a month or two. You have nearly won the daily cravings battle - but the war will go on against the demon for another few months. Occasionally rearing his ulgy head to make us weak. Stay strong you can do this
Thanks for sharing :)