By brendasbaby

Great Night!!! Time For Amazing Day!

Good Morning everyone! I am super happy today. Had an amazing date with my fiancé last night. We went to eat and then to see Batman v Superman. GREAT MOVIE!!!! Now we are going to spend the day together. I am so happy how everything is going. It was the first time I went on a date with my fiancé and didn’t smoke. Was around a lot of smokers and it didn’t even bother me, It smelled nasty as hell but didn’t make me want to smoke one.  We are going to play board games, video games, and pay our rent today and then the rest of the day is ours! I was able to walk around the mall and to catch the bus without any pain in my back the losing weight is paying off. Also not smoking is paying off as well. I woke this morning with horrible pain in my mouth so I got to see if that gets better. Hopefully I don’t need to go to the dentists. I hate going there as much as the doctor. I just realized how much this generation has changed compared to mine. Girl 5 or 6 years younger then me in college go to bars with hardly any clothes on. Does anyone have any self-respect anymore? I also realized I cant stay up till 1 am anymore. I passed out as soon as I got home. My new phone case I ordered for my phone and my dumbbell weights are coming today which is really exciting. I hope all of you had a good night and day yesterday as well as I did!!! I think I’m going to make an awesome dinner tonight to reward myself on how far I’ve made it in this quit. I haven’t really been rewarding myself in my accomplishments so far and I think I really should start it might help with making this quitting process just a little bit easier. My fiancé is on her way home with the rent money so I’m going to have to wrap up this journal for today! I’m also really excited that WrestleMania Is on Sunday! I think its going to be a good one this year! Well here’s to our quits. Making them happy as possible in the troublesome weeks ahead. May you stay strong and not give in. That you not have to hard of temptations that cause you to cave in . HERES TO 
Another day down!
Is it a good movie? I heard it sucked but i am still excited about it!
Reward yourself you have earned it!
Stay strong :)
Movie was awesome i highly recommend it