By brendasbaby

Our First Date Since The Fight!

Good afternoon everyone. I am a few days away from my 30 day mark of my quit. I’m excited. Tonight my fiancé is taking me on date. I have butterflies and I’m so nervous. It’s just like it was when we first started dating. I think this is what we truly need. So I’m going to make a quick journal entry for today. I’ve got to get ready. I am only working half of a day today.  I’ve talked to a few people about my Saba products so I hope that encouraged them to order their own so they can experience the amazing results that I have. Because of these products I’ve lost weight, gained more energy to do the things I love. Lots of the things I lost at the beginning of my quit because I was depression this has helped me get thru it more easily. I had a friend call today and ask me to buy them a pack of cigarettes. I said why would I buy you cigs whenever I wont buy myself some. That kind of seems ridiculous. Well needless to say they got mad and hung up but I’m ok with it because I’m not giving into the demon who was sent to get me lowered into that. Overall my life is slowly improving. I also help a friend who wanted to kill herself. I helped her realize that it wasn’t worth it. I was once in her in position I didn’t think I had anything to look forward too. Well I made it out alive didn’t think I would ever be happy but I have finally got there. I am no longer taking depression medicine. Not saying that everyone with depression can do that but I was one of the lucky ones that got to do that. I’m really thankful for the optician to stop them. My fiancé was able to stop hers as well. They say that two severely depressed people shouldn’t be in a relationship together. Well lets just we have proved that theory wrong because we were both depressed and taking medicine everyday until we started dating and living together now we are more happier then ever. Well I’m going to close for today, I want to get ready for my date with my baby girl. I’m going to do what I have to keep my relationship for failing and giving people what they want. SO HERE TO ANOTHER DAY!
Congrats on another day!
Glad to hear you are on the mend!
Have you gone back and read your posts yet? Its quite a journey i guess!
Keep on going!