By brendasbaby

Good Afternoon! I Had An Amazing Night!

Good Afternoon everyone! I had an amazing day yesterday! Did a little work in the morning then the afternoon and evening I spent time with my fiancé. Where we got to spend the quality time together we truly needed. I am so happy that it happened. We are getting back to where we were when we first moved into together. I think that one good thing did come out of that fight was it got to the place we needed to get so we can improve out relationship and move toward the future. I decided to start working late today. Since my fiancé is working 2-7 p.m. We have already discussed unless I need to work while she is home. We work during the same hours. I am willing to do what it takes to make this relationship better. Well as far as the not smoking I have been doing really well. The urges become less intense everyday. I have found that it gets easier resisting the first cigarette in the morning and after I eat that was always the hardest part for me. I am also during better with the agitation, irritability, and the constant anxiety from the quit. To be very blunt, I’m still working on the urge to smoke after sex. That is the one I have the most trouble with.  I am still using my e-cig on a regular basis. I would like to wean my self off of that soon. I mainly use it to get thru stressful situations. To keep myself from buying a pack of just smoking in general. My fiancé smokes socially but has promised to stop so smelling smoke on her clothes does not trigger me. I think that is very respectful of her. Because I have heard a lot of stories that people’s spouses, and partners have continued to smoke around them. They have relapsed because of it. So I am very thankful I have such a supportive fiancé. I have found myself yesterday enjoying life more. Smiling, laughing, and genuinely being happy. I haven’t felt that since my quit began. I’m going to start to wrap it up for today. I want to get some things around the house down before my fiancé comes home at 7. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. That their quits come easy. SO here we every one HERES TO ANOTHER DAY OF BEING A NON SMOKER!!!!
Congrats on another smoke free day!
Haha that smoke is always a trigger for alot of people ;)
Its good of her to do that for you :) Stay strong
Sounds like a lovely afternoon
The progress is awesome :) Keep it up!