By brendasbaby

I Actually Made It Out Alive!

It’s Monday morning and its back to work for me. Well the so-called future in-laws are gone. Far away now. Their wreckage they left in their wake is slowly being picked up and placed back where it belongs.  The war between my fiancé and myself has finally ended after two days of fighting.  I’m so glad the fighting and yelling has finally stopped and its peaceful around here again. So I’ve got some good regarding that situation. My fiancé called up her mom and told her about the things she was doing that she wanted to stop well that started a war with her mom. She pretty much told my fiancé that I’m nothing to her. So she doesn’t have to do shit. Well hate to break it to you lady whether you like it or not we are getting married and I will be your daughter in law. But anyway it’s a new week time for the healing to begin and continue this quit smoking journey I’ve almost made it 30 days without a cig. I am beyond proud of my self at this point! I did something I didn’t think was possible! I have accomplished more in this past month then I have in a long time. I’m losing weight not smoking and survived the first visit from the future in-laws. I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Mine wasn’t so happy but at least I accomplished something my fiancé is finally listening to what I have to say. I don’t feel like I’m all alone in this relationship anymore. We have been together for 1 year and 9 months. I really don’t think we should throw it all away in one weekend without fighting to save it at least. I honestly don’t know if I would of made it out of the weekend without all you guys and, my journal entries. It’s one of the hardest temptations I have had since I began this quit. I would of normal bought a pack and most likely smoked the whole thing in one day. But I didn’t I made it, I actually made it. Well today I have a lot of stressful calls to make but I am more confident today that I will make it out then I was on Friday. I am really just trying to live now and no worry about no trying to smoke because the more I  think about the harder it gets. WELL HERE WE GO ANOTHER DAY!