By brendasbaby

Happy Easter And Hopefully A Better Week

Happy Easter Everyone! I made it till they left. I actually didn’t snap completely. At least my relationship is somewhat still in tacked. We have a lot work to do as far as our relationship goes. But I got to think this morning and I was thinking maybe that was their plan to get us into this huge fight and for us to break up. I ended in the emergency room last night really dehydrated. They had to give me fluid to stop the vomiting and nausea medicine. So I went to dinner with them again last night and yet again I felt so uncomfortable they made it quite obvious I was not wanted there. So I told my fiancé that unless she talks to them about their actions. I will not be around whenever they are, I will not have my feelings hurt anymore by people I don’t have to deal with. My depression as slowed down some today. I’ve already told my fiancé they are not welcome inside our home until they treat me with respect I will not be mistreated in my own home. I’ve had a migraine going two days. I hate these and wish they would go away. I am glad that everything will be back to normal until the next visit. they bought my fiancé a bunch of stuff that I just have to sit and look at, so to make myself feel better I ordered and IPhone 6s last night just waiting to pick it up in the store. That way I didn’t feel like I got nothing and she got all of these things.  These may be small things but in my eyes they mean I got forgotten. It hurt the most that she didn’t even think about me yesterday to try and even involve me in anything Even if it would have been a mean I had to get to the er just to even talk to her about any of this. Well I think I got most of that off my chest. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and enjoys time with their family. I wont be seeing mine. I also hope that your quits go well. Have a happy Sunday as well.  I really my week goes better then my weekend. I make thru another week without smoking. I’m as hurt this week as I was this weekend. HERES TO ANOTHER DAY!
Thanks for the update :)
Stay strong :)
You are doing well with the quest!
Glad to hear it was a good day :) The longer you stay smoke free the better you feel.