By brendasbaby

This Weekend Sucks Bad And I Just Want It To End!

So here we go I have a lot to say in my journay entry for today is only 11 am. Last night I went to dinner with the fucking future in-laws I cant put it in any nicer of a way then that. Well we told them we were engaged. But it was all an act. As the night went on they took us grocery shopping something else they can hold over our heads. Well they made it appoint to pull my fiancé aside and make sure that I didn’t go anywhere with them today. Well I tried my best to ignore them last night. I did very wel except for when I got home I did nothing but cry and cry. I even had a couple seizures, which our usually brought on with me being massiviely upset. Anyway well today my fiancé left which she will be gone all day. SO im stuck inside with  nothing to do while they are having fun and eating out at places. It may sound like nothing to many of you. But it does me. I know that shell come home with a different attitude and she promised she would be textig me all day and ive barely gotten 3 texts from her since she left! If things continue this way I don’t see us walking down the aisle for the sake that I deserve ot be treated better. Im beyond done with trying to be nice to people who do nothing but put me down. I guess my effort to try to be civil is nothing to them. My fiancé seems to act the same. Way her demeanor changed drastically when they got into town.well anyway my weekend completely sucks. One of my friends might come over today and keep me company but haven’t heard anything for sure yet. Well I guess ill do my best to keep my depression at bay.  I hope everyone keeps there quits going great this weekend. And nothing else changes.  I hope that make it thru the weekened without liting up a cigarette. I hope I don’t finish this journal and go get a pack. Ive done good so far but I truly feel like im about to cave in. I really hate this addiction and really hate this weekend. I believe that no matter what I can not be happy with them around. Its just imppossbile. HERES TO ANOTHER DAY
sweetie love husbands family hated me the first half of our being together..his dad actually called my dad n told him to come get his crazy daughter...omg it was so hard...i can share what i did but ultimately it qill be up to you and how you wanna go...i fought with my hubby...avoided his family when i could...talked evil aboit them...mind u, they started alot of crap...but one day his dad and i got into it..dont remember why but i stood my ground...then my hubby, who truly was blind to much of what his family did finally saw what was going on..told his dad he needed to respect me n so on....we still have probs but are better 17 years later...i almost lost my hubby...stand your ground, try to calmly share you feelings w your fiance...if she respects you she will understand...i hope things get better sweetie...
the think that hurts the most is she see what they are doing and does nothing to stand up for me.
Thanks for sharing, we are always here to listen. The most important thing is that you dont undo all the hard work by smoking. You have come so far - you can beat this.
Stay strong :) Sorry to hear you are having a rough time - but smoking will not change anything hang in there.
You can BEAT THIS DEMON! Stay strong, hope things improve for you soon - i am sure they will :)
if she sees and does nothing it could be either she doesnt care or she is afraid of her family...if its because she doesn't care, then sweetie you might not be able to save the relationship....but if it's fear thwn try to help her through it...