By brendasbaby

The Future In-Laws Arrive Today!

The day has finally arrived the future  in-laws will be in town today. My fiancé is flipping out already. Tonight they will officially know we are engaged. Am I nervous? Of course why wouldn’t I be? I have met them before and It didn’t go so well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t try to stop us from getting married. That what I believe that is going to happen. My fiancé is at work until we go to dinner with her folks. I have to work today and then I’m going to take the next couple of days off. SO I can just be there for my fiancé she isn’t taking this visit so well. She said she didn’t sleep last night. I didn’t either but im trying to be the stronger one. I know if I was in the same position and flipping out she would be there to be the strong one for me. I have calmed down a lot since finding out they would be visiting this weekend. I still have the feeling she is going to leave me. That she has made secret plans to get away from me.  I thought I love her with my all heart. I would do anything for her and I hope she knows that. That all this is in my head and she is really not leaving  this weekend.  Ok now im making myself nervious and worried tha. That’s gonna come true. Damnit. Why do I do this to myself? Im also working on getting my preorders done today. So I can get them shipped to my customers on Monday. I decieded I was gonna offer an easter weekend sale. To attract more customers that wont wanna miss this deal. I don’t know if its my nervous or if im just not feeling good. I just keep feeling really nauesus. Well folks im gonna wrap it up for today I really you all have a happy Friday and your blessed in quits and in life. I will be struggle this weekend with triggers to smoke I will appreciate if you all coul keep me in your thoughts that I don’t giveinto the temptation and I keep my as succesdful as I has been so far. And that the futire in-laws to do not attempt to the point that I buy a pack. I have worked to hard to get this far in my quit. HERE TO DAY WHATEVER IT IS I LOST TRACK!
Stay strong!
Have a great day brenda. Thanks for sharing
You can make it through this weekend, these tests make our quits stronger when we beat them!