By brendasbaby

Preparing Yourself Is Another Step In The Healing Process!

Went for my work out this morning. Met with my trainer and got my workout planned. Out I have to do a 30-minute circuit and cardio twice a week. My body is aching today. Tomorrow is the day the future in-laws arrive. I’m already preparing for this because I don’t want to go into this unprepared. I think I can make it without liting up a cigarette. I am really tired today. I think the work out is really getting me tired more. It was so hot inside the apartment last night and I kept sweating I hope tonight is better. My arms and legs are already sore from the work out and so are my feet. Tomorrow I have to walk to fiancé job and meet her. So we can go and have dinner with her folks. I am scared that when we tell them we are engaged they are going to flip their lid. II think it will go ok but then again I don’t know. Im waiting on my acceptance letter to school and so is my fiancé. I am going to be attending WVU soon to get my degree in Criminal Pyschology and to be a criminal profiler its my dream hob. I want to be the best criminal prolier in the country. I have been fascinated with criminals and that stuff. SO I think I should get paid to do research and profile them, My fiancé wants to the chief medical examiner and I knw she will e the best in the country. We will be be Doctors in our field. We have a pretty awesome connection when it comes to our careers. We are dead set on what we wanna do anad nothing is going to stop us until we achieve those careers. Well ive to get my cleaning done so I can hazve visitors I am very picky about how my apartment has to look when people come to visit. I am also falling asleep while writing this journal entry and its only 4:11 in the afternoon. Oh my I think Im getting old. Well I hope everyone has an amazing quit today and we all have a great weekend I will talk to you all soon. Heres to another day being a NON SMOKER. “It will hurt, it will take time. It will require willpower. You will need to make healthy decisions. It requires sacrifice. You will need to push your body to the max. there will be temptation but I promise you when your reach your goal its worth it.”
Thanks for sharing :)
Stay strong!
One more day to pemenent freedom :)
Great post! Loving your progress
It really is worth it, the benefits are so many. and they are free!