By brendasbaby

I Hope I Sleep Better Tonight!

I spent most of the day working and then I spent the evening working out at the gym. Meeting with my trainer tomorrow. I lost another pound woo hoo. I lasted a little longer on the treadmill today. I also did weight lifting for about an hour. One more days until the future in-laws get here. I’m ready for the weekend to be over with. I didn’t sleep very well last night I was up and down up night. I had pizza bagels for dinner that were good. I haven’t been feeling good since I left the gym. I don’t know what is wrong maybe it was the gym.  I need to feel better fast hopefully my Saba Ace will help speed up the recovery of whatever I may be getting. I’m going to go to bed soon I’m exhausted the gym wore me out today. I’m taking tomorrow and the weekend off from work to get spend some time with the in-law hopefully this isn’t as bad of an experience as it was the first time I met them. I talked to a friend last night I hadn’t talk to in a while she is smoker but is trying to quit as well so I think I finally have some one close by that is going thru the same struggle I am going thru right now. I seen my mom before the gym and she was judging me on what I eat and doesn’t think I should be taking the Saba Ace but she also didn’t care about how much it helps me and that I’m losing weight I think she jealous because she cant lose weight and I can. I hope that I sleep better tonight. Going to the gym little earlier then today to get my work out plan started. SO I can see what I can focus on and what I don’t need to focus on. But what I’m doing is working so far. My fiancé is working out with me so I don’t have to do this alone. We have been making some intense wedding plans. Its really exciting well I’m going to leave you all with an inspirational quote. “Be strong when you are weak, Brave when you are scared and humble when you are victorious” I find the quote very helping on days that I feel like I’m about to cave. HAVE A GOOD QUIT EVERYONE GOODNIGHT!!!
Stay strong :)
Loving your posts! I see another quest winner coming!
The gym is a great way to sleep better while craving
Thanks for sharing. stay strong