By inathinworld

After 30 Days Of The Quitza Challenge

If you have read any of my daily posts over the last 30 days, you may have guessed that I have been doing the Quitza challenge – it’s my excuse for the excessive length of all of my posts.  Today is the last day of the quest and this is my 30th 400+ word daily post. I’m not going to stop posting from today but I can be less careful with length and timing.   
I have really enjoyed the challenge, despite initially approaching the idea of lengthy daily posts with some trepidation, and I have found it really helpful in maintaining my motivation.  I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to find subjects to be able to post every day about my quit but have managed quite well and haven’t had to really stretch too much.  All of the subjects have been close to my heart and have an impact on my quit journey.  Cigarettes have been so integral to my life for the last 17 years and so it stands to reason that quitting will also impact on every part of my day-to-day life.  The Quitza challenge has forced me into understanding this and made me confront how much smoking, and quitting, has had an effect on me, my health, my family and my life.  I would never have written so many posts had I not been motivated to do it by Quitza dangling the carrot of a prize in front of my eyes!  Hopefully I’ve met all of the requirements: watch this space! 
I really do see the benefits of sharing the quit journey as it makes me think but also offers the opportunity to other members of the site to support and I really have appreciated all of the words of support and encouragement – they really do make a difference.
Part of the quest has also involved signing the NOPE pledge daily and I have found this quite therapeutic – I always try to read the pledge out loud before I click the button so that I feel like I’m really making a commitment.  I enjoy this part, and the necessity of sharing some posts, but it really is the posting about the journey that has made all of the difference.  
I have been quit a month now – 31 days in fact – and it has gone stupidly quickly.  When I started this journey and this quest, I thought that 30 days sounded like a really long way away and seemed almost like an insurmountable mountain to climb.  I have climbed it.  I have quit.  There is still so much further to go before I have won the war but I’ve won the first battle and I’m standing strong.  Good luck in your own fights guys.  I’m here to stand beside you and support whenever you need.    
Congratulations on 30 days!
Congratulations! You might be the first quest winner!
It helps to write down thoughts and reflect - its quite a journey :)