By kimblu

My One Year Anniversary...

I've thought pretty hard about who I owe my quit to.  I know I did the work...I'm very proud of that. But I've been thinking about what sparked my quit.  What action or words motivated me to walk away from a crutch I'd leaned on for 45 years.
Well meaning friends and loved ones were always like a stick in the eye when they rode me about lighting up.  New laws for work-place and designated public smoking areas never really made a difference...I learned to adapt.  Health issues, the stench, the cost...none of these things were like the imaginary board to the back of the head to make me stop a habit I wasn't willing to give up.
But for me, it was my Doc. Last year at this time i was in the hospital...Nuro virus, bad gallbladder, digestive issues...just a hodgepodge of crap that was going on inside my body that I didn't like one dang bit.  I knew I'd get better...but what I didn't expect was a late night visit from my very worn out Doc who was concerned about me.  He sat in a chair at my bed side and after a short chat...he just looked at me...I hadn't seen anyone look that sad in a very long time. He seemed like a beaten man, someone that had the joy sucked right out of his soul   And he said this...please quit smoking...I'm tired of fighting cancer.   That's all it heart broke for him.
It wasn't easy in the beginning, but I stayed strong. 
Whatever Your quit reason is...whatever pokes you in the ribs and whispers : You Have This...Believe It...You Can Do This...listen to that voice...because you Are Strong! 
Thank you for sharing! Congrats!
Thank you for coming back and sharing with the new quitters on your one year anniversary! Do you still crave ever now?
Congratulations! HUGE HUGE HUGE!
Congratulations! Cant wait to get to one year!
Thank you so much everyone! To answer your question bones248...I do...rarely,.. it's not the strong urge that it was in the beginning. Now it's more like a memory of an unhealthy relationship ~glad it's over~. It's been several weeks since I've had a twinge, but what I find helpfel is to change what I'm doing. For example, if I'm at the computer and think about lighting up...I'll go get a glass of water instead. Distracting yourself truely does work...:)
thanks for sharing, its good to know there is hope, I'm on 87 days after 30 + years of smoking. IM glad to see you are at 1 year it gives me hope.