By brendasbaby

Making Day 16 A Successful One

Well it’s day 16.  I have been keep busy for the most part. I think that my new routine hasn’t involved smoking from the very beginning that Is why it has been so easy to not think about smoking while I’m working or exersing. Which helps that I have started a new routine. I have started to like exercising. Things I didn’t think I would like I actually do. I’m taking Thursday off from work to go the gym again. On the days I cant go to the gym I usually exercise inside the apartment so my body doesn’t flip out again. I have been leaving the house more since I quit smoking, I think it’s because I have more energy to do so part of is from my New Saba Ace. It’s not only for weight management its also an energy supplement it’s the good kind too. It doesn’t feel like your crazy at the end of the day. Like I felt with energy drinks and other companies “products.” I have my order for my Ace on auto ship for next month which im excited I thought trying a step higher but haven’t decided on that yet .SO we are a day closer to the in-laws visit. Which makes my anxiety go all over the place. I think im down like  5 pounds now. Which is very exciting. I told my mom yesterday about my success in weight-loss and she said that it was great and to keep up  the good work, But I can tell there was some jealousy. My mom has always been over weight and hasn’t been able to successful lose weight. And she sees me doing it fast and she doesn’t like it. I can tell. Today is my grandmas birthday so I’m going to call her later and talk to her for her birthday. I talk to her mostly everyday sometime every other day. We called our local pound to find out about adopting a dog from there. To save a little dog from getting put to sleep which I could take them all but my dog wont let me. LOL I’m hoping having another dog around will keep her from being so timid to other dogs that aarent inside the house with her. Like when we are taking her for a walk she can become aggressive. But if they are inside with her  she is fine. Well im off for today.  HERES TO DAY 16!
Congrats on day 16!
You are undergoing one heck of a transformation! Good for you! 2016 is the year you made some HUGE positive changes in your life :)
5 pounds already! AWESOME!