By inathinworld

The Welsh Three Peaks And A Promise To Myself

I weighed myself last night and was pleasantly surprised that I have only put on 2lbs over the last month.  I thought it may have been more as I have been eating almost non-stop – obviously the exercising in preparation for the welsh three peak challenge has helped to a degree.  
I am a little worried about doing this challenge and feel that I need to get out onto a mountain as I think that time in the gym is probably not the best preparation.  Exercise has become easier as my breathing has improved and my coughing lessened and I can now complete my excersize sessions with no issues.  The Welsh Three Peaks, for those who do not know, is climbing Snowdon (3560ft) in North Wales, Cadair Idris (2930ft) in Mid Wales and Pen Y Fan (2907ft) in south Wales within a 24 hour period.  We will start on Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in Welsh, pronounced Er Oi-th-var) at 4am on the day and, after climbing, drive the hour or so to Cadair Idris (pronounced Ca-Dire Id-ris), climb that and then spend a few hours driving down to climb Pen Y Fan (pronounced pen er van). It is really going to be a challenge.  They are not the largest mountains but I’m not used to climbing and we only have 24 hours so there is no chance to recover.  Apparently Snowdon is not too bad as it is regularly climbed and so has a defined path but Cadair Idris is less well-known and the path is not so defined and there may be some “scrambling”.  I know Pen y Fan as it is a local mountain so I know it’s quite easy to climb and, to be honest, it’s barely a mountain at all.  I think I have a much better chance of doing this climb now that I have quit smoking and am going start my training this weekend by climbing the nearest “mountain” (it’s a big hill really) called Twn Barlwm (Toom Barlum).  
I do feel more positive about doing this, and pretty much anything else, after quitting this time. It has proved that if I put my mind to something, I can really achieve what I want to achieve.  This last month has been a test of my dedication and my strength but I have done it and feel that this really is the last time that I will quit because I have no intention of doing this again and I have no intention of damaging my body with cigarettes or tobacco again.  Ever. NOPE.    
2lbs is not that bad! Especially when quitting!
Thanks for sharing :) Was wondering about you the other day
Good luck with the 3 peaks! Good way to test your new lungs!
good luck! Post pics when you do it!