By brendasbaby

I Actually Made It 15 Days Without Smoking

I did it I actually did it. I actually made it 15 days without smoking a cigarette. I’m so proud of myself. I’m also down 4 ½ pounds since Thursday So means that, I’m doing great at both of my challenges. It’s start of another week, I’m also trying to save enough money to have a baby. My fiancé and I want a baby but we have to save the money to get a sperm donor and that is not cheap. We are also getting married in 2 months. But our real wedding isn’t until 2018. So our family and friends can be there to celebrate with us then. We are getting closer to the visit they will be coming in on Friday. I am already have nightmares about this visit. Which has triggered wanting to smoke. My future in-law will not be happy when they find out what I am doing for income. I mean its not that bad I just work from home and my fiancé does not. I don’t see why it would matter as long as I am helping with the bills as well. I am getting my first paycheck of many from my work at home business. I am really excited about that. I also am getting a good bit of money from only a short week of working this job. Since I’ve lost 4 ½ pound I am feeling less sluggish and getting more comfortable in my skin. We have decided since we are getting better with are living expense we would adopt another dog. TO give our currents dog a little play-mate. She gets lonely when we aren’t home so this way she would have some one to play with.  She has been depressed the last year since someone stole her sister away from us. They had been together since birth. Well ladies and gentlemen its time to go exercise I had way to many calories for lunch and my body is saying what the hell is wrong with you. Plus energy is thru the roof right now. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and your very successful at your quits today. I am I hope that im continue to successful at mine. Its been a hard road so far and I don’t want to give up now. I just want to leave you all with this piece of advice. On the days you feel like giving up look up an inspirational quote that always helps me. HERES TO DAY 15.
Congrats on day 15..!!!
Good Job!
4.5 Pounds is awesome! Congrats on both the smoking and the weight loss
Great job! sounds like you have got this under control
some days i do some days i feel like I'm losing control.