By inathinworld

I've Made It Four Full Weeks Today

Today marks 4 full weeks smoke free.  It has been a tough old slog but I have made it and I feel very pleased with myself, smug you might say. These four weeks have gone quite quickly and I can’t believe that it is a month already. 
There have been ups and downs on this quit journey but I have not slipped nor been in any real danger of doing so and, in fact, I can no longer imagine inhaling the acrid smoke from a cigarette.  I think some of the major benefits have been that I am no longer coughing all of the time, particularly that nasty morning coughing and all of the phlegm that I used to bring up.  My chest is also an awful lot clearer and I can take deep breaths without feeling the tightness and starting the inevitable coughing fit.  I also took a selfie of myself last night and I can already see how much clearer my skin looks – I look more 26 than my full 36 years.  I have also found that I do not worry so much about not having money at the end of the month because I’m not looking for the money for my habit all of the time – I don’t feel richer but I do feel less stressed.
There have been low points.  I have found that I am extremely emotional and I cry and feel emotional quite often.  I feel that is more of a problem for my friends and boyfriend than it is for me.  I am still reliant on my nicotine lozenges but I think that’s ok at this point – I’m not smoking and that is the most important thing.  
I think it has helped that I am surrounded by some quite supportive people – particularly at work where two of my colleagues have also quit and we are able to talk through how and what we are feeling.  It’s so much easier when you have people around you who understand what you are going through.  I have other hurdles to climb after quitting and I’m hoping that I get the same support and have the same motivation to make the changes I need to make in order to achieve my other goals.  I have three months until my three peak challenge and I need to start training now so that can make it up and down the mountains in one piece.  If I can master not smoking, I can master a couple of mountains (I hope)!!     
Inathinworld..There is no mountain to high.....or valley to deep..If you want it badly you will achieve it. Remember, your boyfriend suffer a little bit now but actually enjoy you much more smoke free...Believe in yourself and enjoy your journey...!!
The benefits are going to keep on coming! Stay strong
4 Weeks! 28 Days! CONGRATS!