By brendasbaby

I Made It Successfully For 2 Weeks!

I have made it 14 days without a cigarette. I started my Saba Ace yesterday. It gives me so much energy I got so much accomplished and the great part is it keeps me so busy with burning the energy that I didn’t even have any cravings because I was so busy doing other things. I love MY Saba Ace, I didn’t think it would help this much with my quit. I just expected it to help me lose weight. I also found that it helped stabilize my mood more. I was less irritated then I had been that last 2 weeks. I think ive lost about a 1 ½ since Thursday. I’m almost to what I need to lose per week. I’ve managed to stay under my calorie limit while also staying with my quit. As we all know that weight gain is expected when we quit because most of us know we turn to snacks to help with the cravings well I don’t want to do that I want to lose weight I want to feel better again and my weight is stopping me from doing that. I can barely walk long distances because it hurts my back so hard. I am going to make sure that goes away. I have noticed that last two days I’ve been walk a little farther without the back brace. I have my job interview this afternoon. I’m really nervous been a while since I’ve done a job interview. So I hope this goes well. I read a really inspiration quote yesterday I would like to share with you all. “It always seems impossible until its done” Nelson Mandela. We have all thought at one point that impossible. That we needed to keep smoking because there is no way we can quit. Well guess what y’all we did it we are still doing it. You only have three choices in life. Give up, Give in, or Give it all you got! And let me tell you something right now I’ve giving this losing weight and quitting smoking all I got because giving up and giving in are not options at this point. Well guys Have wonderful Sunday and here’s to our quits may the day be successful and you don’t have huge struggles today Here is to day 14I will give it all I’ve got inside my and all of my might. Love you all.
14 day party! Congrats!
You already have an advantage. When i speak to people who do interviews - most of them say the smell of smoke on people when they come into the interview instantly puts them down a few points. And as i am sure many people remember - smokers SMOKE ALOT before an interview! Stay strong. Good luck!
Congrats! Next stop - one month!