By inathinworld

A Saturday With A Very Slight Hangover

I am quite pleased with myself and quite pleased with my progress. I went out for a leaving party last night and had my first drink since quitting and smoking barely crossed my mind. There was not a single hairy moment and I wasn't looking for excuses or opportunities to break the quit. I didn't even curtail my night. I stayed out with friends, drank cocktails and gin and didn't muss smoking at all. This is definitely progress. 

Today I am a little hung over but am not that bad. I wasn't actually drunk last night, just a little tipsy, so I have a little bit of a headache but no sickness or wooziness. I hate hangovers so this is a bonus. Hangovers are one of the main reasons I rarely drink. I always found that smoking made hangovers so much worse and I always smoked so much more than I would sober - even now that you can't smoke onside.  

I had lunch with my grandparents today at a local french chain restaurant. Very nice and very civilized. When I was smoking I always worried about meeting with my grandparents because I couldn't smoke around them and so was always looking for an opportunity for the next cigarette. There was none of this today. I was happy and relaxed and enjoyed the trip out and the lovely food and the wander aound the shops that followed. 

My boyfriend was also out last night. He got extremely drunk and smoked many, many cigarettes. Many of his friends smoke and he feels he cannot quit as his life I'd too stressful. He is not in a situation where I can support him to quit. He simply is not ready. 

I am approaching four weeks quit now. I will make that milestone on Monday and can't quite believe it. Today I feel so much better for not smoking and am feeling smug and proud of myself.  I still find my nicotine lozenges are essential and they take away the edge to intense cravings but I am needing them less and less and I hope that within the next few weeks, I will barely need them at all. I think from Monday I might switch to the lower level of nicotine in them (2.5mg rather than 4mg) so that I can start to wean myself of nicotine. I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself though and am going to take advice from my quit smoking advisor.  Watch this space. Have a good weekend everyone x
thanks for reading x
four weeks quit is a HUGE milestone for you tomorrow! PARTY TIME!
Hahah hiding the smoking from people and then not having to hide it was something that i enjoyed too - its all the little benefits of quitting that make this process super rewarding for me,
Smoking really does make hangovers worse. The last time i relapsed was when i was drunk and i felt TERRIBLE the next day