By inathinworld

Sat In A Tapas Bar Being Antisocial...

I had a day off work today, for no other reason than I had a days leave left to use before April so a Friday (and payday) seemed like a good time to take it. 

It hasn't been the most exciting or relaxing of days off. I have spent the day shopping for food and cleaning my house. I am now, however, trying to write this whilst sipping a mohito in a Spanish tapas bar... wish me luck! 

This is the first time that I have been out sine I quit, in fact, it is the first time that I have been out since before Christmas and the first time I have drunk alcohol for nearly a year . I'm  north much of a drinker really. I don't like the feeling of being drunk and I really, really hate hangovers. 

I used to drink quite often in my late teens and early twenties. I used to go out every week and up to three times a week when I was a student... All part of the UK culture for those not in this country. I have always had a fear of being sick so hangovers were always the enemy. 

Although smoking has been banned in bars for a long time and I don't associate drinking with smoking. Drinking does lower my resolve and I become less inhibited.  I feel fine at this point (3 drinks in) and have my nicotine lozenges close at hand so am feeling strong and like I can do this.  

This is a risk. I have always broken my smoking quit whilst I have been drinking BUT not usually so early on in the quit. I think tonight will be fine, no matter what I drink. I am not surrounded by smokers and my friends and work colleagues are supportive so all is going to go very well.

I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I have a lunch appointment with my grandmother and a dinner appointment with my partners son. Both know I have quit and believe in me. I don't want to let them down or to let myself down. I think I am at little danger of doing so and feel that I will turn up tomorrow having not drunk too much and having not smoked.

I am a little tipsy now and don't want to get any more intoxicated than this but may have one more... 
Free day off is a free day off!
Smoking and drinking is a lethal combo for many peoples quits. Stay strong!
Be super careful. It's probably the most dangerous thing you can do while still early in a quit.
The smokes while drinking were huge triggers for me.