By brendasbaby

A Day Full Of Sickness And Being Tired!

I woke up today feeling a lot of pain. As the day has went on I have started feeling sick and coughing I really hope I’m not getting what’s going around.  The dog downstairs has been barking most of the day. It gets so irritating.  Well it’s the weekend I made it thru another week. So heres to the end of heck week. Here to day 2 of my weight-loss journey. Monday I will start taking my Saba Ace G2. So many people have lost weight on this pill. Im just add my journey to it. I haven’t gotten much work done today. Due to not feeling well. I’m doing my best to get some work done. So I can make a alittle commission. I ordered my product magazine it should be here on Tuesday. So I can start showing people the products I have to offer. Which will make selling them alittle bit easier. My fiancé and I aren’t doing to good we’ve been fighting a lot lately. I think it’s the stress of her parents coming to visit. I haven’t had much focus in me lately but that’s probally the addiction getting to me. But I promised myself on day 1 I would not give into the addiction. I have yet to do it. Which I am very proud of. I should be proud of myself ive made is almost 2 weeks without a cigarette. I can make it the rest of my life without one. I think im going to try and relax this weekend and get better let my body fight this bug I have off. I really hope its not the flu. I just feel really tired and don’t want to do much.  I just want to sleep. I have already taken a nap today and its 1:54 p.m  I feel more tired the usual and im not sure what is causing it. I went to books-a-million yesterday and I got me 3 new books. There more of a distraction tool when im not working to keep me from smoking. I’m probally going to be using the distraction a lot next weekend. Well I better get busy doing my work I really hope one has a successful weekend on their quits. Relax and just be prou of yourself for all that you have accomplished so far. I’m proud of everyone of you from the bottom of my heart HERES TO DAY 12 
Get well soon!
You should be proud! Coming up on the end of hell week is a HUGE milestone!
Thanks for sharing :)
Hope you feel better tomorrow, take care :)