By brendasbaby

My Frist Day At The Gym!!!

I made it thru my first workout at the gym. I’m sore and tired but I made it out alive I am so happy that I wasn’t out of breathe did have a few cravings while I was and got a little anxious I think that’s why wanted I cig. I’m going to go again next week I’m meeting with a trainer to help meet my weight loss goal. I will be going to bed very soon its been a long day been up since 5A.M My dog was so sad today because I was gone all day, so tomorrow I’m back at working my new job. Soon I will get paid. I also got to clean the house  which I’m dreading because I know my body is going to hurting really bad in the morning. Im trying to cut back on a lot of things . So I downloaded this app called lose it. It lets you put in what you ate, your exercises. Lets you put in a date of when you want to meet your weight lose goal. I put in my information and I will my goal if I lose 2 pounds a week. I will meet my goal in august of next year just in time for my wedding. I can order my dress to meet my new weight I can fit into clothes and I wont have to keep buying new clothes because I got to fat. I actually lost more then ½ a pound today which im proud of. 1 ½ more to go before next Thursday. I think losing 2 pounds a week is a pretty reasonable goal. I want to lose 146 pounds in before august of 2017.  My muscles are firm today. Im really excited about my weight loss journey. I haven’t even started my diet pills yet and im still lost weight. I think I will lose weight faster once I start them. I am not dieting im just watching how much food I take in, I just realize this journal was more about my diet then smoking.  I think they kinda go hand in hand because im doing them together. My true test is coming up soon on whether I can handle a lot of stress without smoking when the furture in-laws come to visit. Well im going to close for tonight I hope all of you had a rocking day heres to day 11. Lets make the best of our quit.
Congrats on that huge first step! your body must be LOVING you right now.
Such a transformation is taking place! Keep it up!
Your posts always motivate me - you are so determined.
No smoking and now the gym! Awesome!
Pigfan im glad to be help in motivating you.