By inathinworld

And The Weight Starts Piling On

I have struggled with my weight since my late teens.  I was quite a tall skinny child but started to put on a little weight at the onset of puberty and then started to actually become “fat” after I went to university at 19 – around the same time I started smoking! My dad was quite a large man but my mum and my brothers are quite small – both of my brother put on weight in their mid-teens but they lost it all at the same time I gained more of mine.  My brothers do quite active work – one makes biscuits and the other is in the forces – so I guess that helps but, although I do sit at a desk for some of my day, I am out and about a lot of the time and am partially active at work.  
When I quit smoking last year, I put on over two stone and I was hoping on this occasion not to do that.  However, I can feel it coming on now.  I can feel my stomach being more full and more in the way and I can feel the impact of the additional weight when I’m exercising and walking around.  
I know that gaining the extra weight is not as unhealthy as smoking and that I will loose it again but I feel uncomfortable – something I’m used to but it’s increasing.  I still fit into all of my clothes and the weight is not stopping me from doing anything I was doing but I am only three weeks in.  I have no idea how much weight I have gained as I need to replace the batteries in my weighing scales so that I can actually work out the impact.  
I really do need to tackle my weight issue and to bring some style to my appearance (currently I wear whatever is clean and fits!) as it is starting to bother me.  I am climbing the Welsh three peaks in June – just three months away – and I am paranoid about being the person who has to call out the air ambulance! I will not be that person! Does anyone have any tips for not gaining weight while quitting or about preparing for mountaineering for the unfit?  I need to put together a training programme that will help both.  I’m thinking of trying to cut out gluten and sugar from my diet fo0r the next few months (Sugar after Easter obviously – I like an Easter egg!).  I’m hoping that loosing weight will be easier after I get over these horrible cravings! 
It is so much easier to loose the weight when you are a non smoker. You don't get tired by exercise as easy - making it MUCH more enjoyable!
the 3 peaks! Wow i have heard of that! good luck - that is awesome.
Like you say a little additional weight is better than a smoke. Are you eating more with the cravings?