By brendasbaby

Time To Get This Day Started Y'all

Well here we go time to start another day. I think I’m on day 10 not sure.  I am feeling a little better today. Lets see how the day goes. I have to get my order in for work. I’ve got to call my boss to get help doing that. I’m going to try and have the best day possible. I’ve more training to do today. I’ve also got to go to bed early since I’m hitting the gym first thing tomorrow morning. I’m pretty excited to start working out and losing weight. I keep having dreams about it.  Things are a little better between my fiancé and I.  So it will be time for me to start my weight-loss journey as well as going on this smoke-free journey.  I also decided last night that I’m going to cut down on the soda.  I drink too much and I think it some of the reason I’ve gained so much weight.  I talked to my mom this morning and she didn’t have good night last night. The antibiotic they have on is giving her diaherra I really hope she gets better soon. I’ve got to get busy with work soon. I’m just procrastinating so much. I think that I’m going to get some customers today. I can feel it. I need to make some more commission for the week so can buy me a PS4. I want one realy bad. Some of the games I want to play aren’t available for the xbox 360. I also started watching this show on Netflix called nurse Jackie I highly recommend it it’s a wonderful show and very entertaining. I can relate to this show in more than one way I think we all can its about drug addiction and the struggle of being around it. Does anyone lsten to music while they are working . I think it helps me get thru the stress of the day . I am ready for a nap I  didn’t sleep very well last night . Its like that most nights I haven’t sleep good since I was little. But the quitting of smoking makes it worse. Well its time to stop procrastinating. Time to get this day started. SSo what do you say we raise our glasses and make a toast to all  of quits and be proud of whatever progress we have made. HERES TO DAY 10.
Day 10 - time to win!
The days keep adding up! Congrats on double digits! You are doing this!
Congratulations :)
When you buy that PS4 its going to be a great moment. When you finally see what you can have instead of smoking it is as huge bonus.
thanks for sharing