By brendasbaby

Long Ass Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today has been extremely ruff. Work has been so stressful. Training and learn everything. My brain and head are pounding. But I made it out without a cig puffed on my e-cig a few times today. My printer in my home office broke today. I work from home. SO I had to go to Wal-Mart and get one, which was even more stressful I hate going to Wal-Mart to shop, people are always rude, then went out to eat as a reward for not smoking. I’m getting better at not wanting a cigarette as soon as imp done eating and the headaches are slowly going away. I got into a fight with my fiancé today and it just keeps getting worse. I’m at my breaking point with the drama from her family. She needs to stand up for me and not let her family talk down to me and blame me for every little thing that goes wrong in their family. I think the only thing right that is keeping me sane. Is this journal writing? I don’t even think she’s notices when I’m upset. Because I’m obviously in the wrong. My fellow smokers I want to ask your opinion on something? Do you think I’m wrong for getting upset that my fiancé has waited almost 2 years after getting engaged to tell her family? Would you be upset? I ask my grandma about it and she thinks I have every right to be upset. But I would like other people’s opinions on this subject. Its almost bedtime thank god. My mom got admitted into the hospital last night she has an infection. She has ITP, asthma’s cirrhosis of the liver. I hope she doesn’t die while she is in there. I’m 26 years old I’m lucky to have my moms. I don’t know if I can handle that kind thing right now. I’m barely making it with all this stuff that is going on.  I’m getting depressed. But no one in this house seem to even care that this stuff is even bothing me I feel like crying. IM going to bed tonight not as happy and upbeat as usual. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day I’m ready for this week to be over. Well its time to close up for the night. I really hope all of you had a better day then I did. Here to a new day tomorrow. 
Stay strong, the bad days will start to fade :)
Keep on keeping on. A tough day today but hopefully a better one tomorrow
Thanks for sharing :) Sorry to hear you had a bad day. A smoke will not change anything :)
Brendasbaby... Sorry for the hard days.... especially whilst battling the smoking demon BUT I thrived on these days and just made me stronger and that is why I adopted a motto of don't defend quit smoking was one of my most difficult things I have ever done but the rewards are huge.....stay strong and every battle you win is one step closer to winning this war....