By inathinworld

The Kids Could Be Alright

I visited my brother last night, lovely as always.  My brother and his wife have three small boys aged one, four and five – three boys under five makes them seem as if they are gluttons for punishment and it certainly is hard work but they also live in a home full of life, fun and love – what more could you ask for really?

I don’t have children but, as I’ve said in previous posts, I really would like to have some and having a family is one of my prime reasons to quit.  My brother and his wife have both smoked.  My sister in law has switched to an e-cigarette in the last few months and my brother does smoke outside but they both smoked throughout all three of her pregnancies.  Luckily, all is well with all three children and were all born full-term and at good weights but I always wanted to be a non smoker if I got pregnant – being over-weight and 36 I have enough risk factors for complications without adding another!

My nephews are now quite aware of smoking and they comment on their dad’s smoking habbits – I think it was one of the reasons that their mum has moved to an e-cig.  The children’s awareness of smoking, particularly the five year old’s awareness, slightly worries me.  I wonder whether seeing their parents and their aunty smoking has already had an impact.  Are they young enough to forget if we all quit now?  I say my middle nephew pretending to smoke a straw the other week so he could be like his daddy.  In general, they hate smoking at the moment.  They hate the smell and the time that their parents spend outside smoking but I can’t help but wonder if we started smoking because our dad – the idol of our youth and cleverest and coolest man I’ve ever met – smoked. 

I think that, at the risk of sounding corny and like I’m quoting a popular Bette Midler song, the children are the future and making a difference to them and their futures is where we can make a real impact.  If my quitting now and my sister in law following suit helps my beautiful, healthy nephews live happier, healthier lives than the generation before them then all of the pain and discomfort of quitting will be more than worthwhile.  I’m going to try my best to make sure that any child I have never sees me smoke and never has to take a single puff and certainly never thinks that smoking is cool.   

Another great post :) I love your writing style
I know 2 people that got pregnant within 3 months of quitting :)
Break the cycle. as you probably know being a non smoking parent makes your kids much less likely to smoke
Stay strong. Thanks for sharing :)
You have great reasons and motiviation for quitting :)
Inathinworld...very nice chatting post and thanks for sharing your thoughts and hidden concerns....We are lucky and raised 3 lovely Sons ....The oldest now in his 30's never smoked and his motto:If he want to stink he will shit his pants....Living in Australia now...The second smoked and is now quit for 7 years also in his 30's and have 2 lovely daughters and grandpa and grandma's joy..In Mozambique on the farm with us... The baby in his late 20's never smoked and seems that he never will..I smoked my whole life up to nine months ago and this just shows that children do not really smoke if dad is more group pressure that make a child take that first fatal puff....!!!
brilliant hercu. thanks. sounds like you've done a great job. Thanks for the hope whyfidIsmoke. .. fingers crossed I'll be next. thanks all. I love your comments, they make me feel better every day x