By inathinworld

If You Are Struggling With Something Yourself, Help Someone Else...

Yesterday made it three full weeks of not smoking – that’s twenty one whole days and I feel so much better.  I am still snappy and irritable with my boyfriend and am still craving, which can be very difficult at times but I have quit and can hardly imagine putting a cigarette into my mouth and inhaling – I know it’s just the power of the mind but it seems like a far distant memory and like a totally alien thing to do.  
I realised last night, after my third visit to the NHS quit smoking session, that I am not coughing anymore and that I really can take a deep breath without wheezing and spluttering all over the place.   This is such a major thing for me as COPD is one of my main worries and my breathing being compromised was one of my biggest fears.  I had been coughing regularly for months and seemed to have an almost continuous stream of chest infections so this ability to breathe deep into my lungs is novel and exciting and helps to alleviate my deepest, darkest fear of having permanently damaged my lungs.  
I went to an earlier quit smoking session this week, one that is meant for beginners as I wanted to go along with my two new colleagues and fellow quitters.  It was their first session as they quit last Wednesday, by the end of today they will have completed a full week.  It was interesting going along to a full group of new starters as the group that I joined was already a week in so we had all already quit.  This group had a mix of people who had stopped by themselves but needed further support or were still smoking and planning to quit this week.  There was such a mix of smokers with a wide variety of reasons to quit – from money, to family to health.  Some were only smoking 5-10 a day while others between 20 and 40.  Does the amount you smoke affect how hard it is to quit?  I guess you would have stronger cravings and they may be more frequent.  I enjoyed the session and it helps me to help others so sharing my experiences was useful to me and I hope to them also.  Someone once said that if you are struggling with something yourself, help someone else, I find this a really useful strategy and find this group or other social media groups make this possible.  
Anyway, here’s to another week everyone.  Good luck to you all! 
Im not sure if the more you smoke makes it harder to quit. I would think that the amount of time you have been smoking would make it harder. Perhaps ask at your next group meeting and let us know!
Now you are the veteran quitter helping newbies - love it :)
Thanks for sharing :)