By inathinworld

Dream A Little Dream Of Smoking

Last time I gave up smoking for any length of time, last year for 5 months, I had repeated dreams where I wanted to smoke and, in fact, smoked. I know that this is only dreaming and not cheating on my quit but it felt so real and I would often wake up feeling disappointed and as if I really had smoked a cigarette. The dreams tended to be very vivid and quite realistic. I dream often but dreaming about smoking was new to me. 

This time, I have been dream free until last night. I have had plenty of "normal" dreams but nothing to worry about and nothing about smoking at all. 

Last night I had a smoking dream. I dreamt that I was getting ready for a party and was desperately worried about not having a cigarette when I was out. In my dream I was frantic and going from person to person asking what I should do. Eventually I decided that I could have a few cigarettes,  justified it to myself that I would only smoke for the evening and wouldn't carry on. Even in my dream, I knew this to be a lie.  I woke up slightly disturbed by this. I know I didn't smoke, not in the dream and especially not in reality but the lie I told myself wad one I have told myself in real life, when quitting has failed before.

It really does amaze and surprise me how powerful this addiction to nicotine is. How it can trick and play with both your concious and unconcious mind. I guess the part of the brain that is responsible for my nicotine addiction is so desperate to maintain the habit that it tries to make my sleeping brain think that it's still smoking. It has failed to control my wakeful mind and it wants me to think I'm still smoking so that I resume inhaling the poison and stop depriving it of its fix. 

Maybe I'm not dreaming the same dreams this time because I feel better about quitting. I don't feel that I'm missing out this time. I feel that it would be weakness to go back to smoking and I feel stronger about not needing or wanting to smoke. Maybe this time will be my final quit and the start of a healthier,  stronger me. I really want this to be it. I really don't want to give in. I'm saying NOPE. 
Urggh i hate smoking dreams. Although i love it when i wake up from them and realise i am still a non smoker!
You certainly sound like you have the determination required to quit for good this time. You sound very focused.
I LOVE your posts. Keep them coming! Looks like you are on track for the Quest!
Stay strong :) Thanks for sharing.
thanks so much guys. your feedback makes my day x
I hate those dreams as well, waking with that feeling, they are so real it takes a little while to realise you did not really do it.
Look at these dreams in a more positive note. They are good therapy in the quitting process. You will feel the guilt and disappointment without actually carrying them out in your waking life, thus the good therapy.