By inathinworld

A Message From The Other Side

I had a very odd experience  today. It all dates back to an out of character  trip to see a spiritual medium a few years back. I went because my step sister had been and raved about her. My grandad and great grandmother had recently died along with a friend who I had list contact with some years before.

The experience was interesting and she said some very pertinent things that related to some of the people that we had lost but, naturally, some of the things she had said made no sense at all and I remained sceptical. One of the things she said was that a young woman who had recently passed over had come through and wanted to say thank you for the pictures and cigarettes that had been put in her coffin. I knew this was related to my friend who had died of breastfeeding cancer a few weeks before in her mid thirties. 

At the time I didn't know what to do with the information and I kept it to myself as I didn't know how the family would feel and I didn't want to upset anyone. 

Tonight was the anniversary of her death and so I made contact with her younger sister and asked her if this meant anything. She told me that they had put pictures of her son and a pack of cigarettes into her coffin. This has really thrown me. Maybe there is something in it. Maybe if I went back I could  have contact with my dad, who has died since my visit. 

My dad was my main inspiration to quit and I quit on his birthday. I feel that I really need to know that he is proud of me and that he knows that I did my best and was with him at the end. Although the last words that I had said to her were that I loved him, I had left him disappointed after our last phone call as I had said I wouldn't be going into hospital to see him that day but we got the call from the hospital saying he was very sick later in the afternoon. I know he knew I loved him and I know I helped him through his illness but at times I felt resentful of the amount of time I spent looking after him. I need to know that he knows that despite this, I would give up all of my spare time if I could have him back. I miss him every day. He is my inspiration to quit smoking and live a healthier life and I'd love to think he may know this. The 
Sorry for your loss :( Thanks for sharing
I think he would be happy you have quit :)
Your posts always come from the heart :) thanks for sharing
A beautiful post. If he knows or not - he would certainly be happy. no parent likes their child to smoke. Thanks for sharing and keep quitting!