By brendasbaby


Today is officially day Seven.  I have a lot of energy and I feel great. I am using this new product and it helps so much and the great part about it is, its all-natural ingredients.  I have never felt good in a really long time. I have been recommending it to my entire ex smoker friends so they can reach the energy levels they want. On a side note. As most of you know I went to the doctors yesterday, I told him I quit smoking now he wants to see me in two months to see how my quit is going. So in may I get to share how well I’m doing with my doctor?  I’m thinking about going to for a walk with my fiancé today. Since we are both off today. I had a lot going yesterday. But I made it thru surprisingly the time change has my sleep messed up. I feel like I didn’t get enough of it. But just like the rest of my quit it will take me awhile to bounce back. Im about to drink my THRIVE shake and put on my DFT Foam so ill stay Thriving all day. I love it. Ive been talking about my thrive the whole time but I cant help it im so excited about feeling so great. I think I just needed a little push. Who need you could feel good at the end of hell week. I should of quit smoking sooner, I could finally breathe and live my life the way I wanted. I absolutely love thriving and being a non-smoker. It’s the most exciting thing I have encountered in many months. SO today I’m going to spend lots of time with fiancé. We haven’t got to spend much time together lately because of work and shit. I’ve been preoccupied with my quit and work. So that’s the exciting part. So im going to end todays journal earlier today, I have lots a I want to do today and I don’t want to much time writing in my journal. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.  I hope your quits are easy this week. Just stay focused on the positive side of your quit and you will make it as long as you want I promise. I made it the first 7 days it was hard some days and easy other days. But more I go forward I have made and so will you. SO HERES TO DAY 7
Congrats on one week! Hell week is over! Time for heck week!
Positive post! Thanks for sharing. you are correct this does get easier!
LOVED reading that post. Keep it up! This next week will still be tough but you can do it!
Thanks for sharing. That was a great read :) Stay strong
Amazing. Love to hear positive posts.