By inathinworld

Another Reason To Stay Quit

I'm a bit later posting today as have had quite a busy Saturday  day and early evening. I have been to the gym, been shopping, done some cleaning and gone to visit my brother (he lives a few miles away in the next town). It would be nice to have a Saturday where I could do nothing.

Finally now, I am able to sit down, eat dinner and watch 's little TV.  I've turned on the TV and Crufts is on. I have always been more of a cat fan than a dog person, although I do like both, but I do enjoy watching the dog shows. I have two cats of my own (a beautiful tabby and a red point sianese - both boys) but when my boyfriend moved in last month, he brought his two jack russells with him. I do live them but they do not get on with my cats and it can make the house a little like a war zone at times - we keep them separated. One of the niggles that I always had with smoking was about how it affected my cats. The one cat (Luca,  the siamese) does cough quite a lot and does sound like he has a bit of a bad chest. I did wonder, when i was smoking, if I was damaging them and I wonder now if I have damaged them perminantly and I hate to think that my poor,  innocent animals have had to breathe all of that noxious, poisonous smoke. Now, with the dogs, I'm glad that they do not have to breathe my smoke at all.... just my boyfriends occasionally.  

I love my animals and don't want to do anything that will harm them. They weren't , much to my discredit, my primary reason for quitting but they are one of my reasons for maintaining my quit. I have so many reasons for staying quit and I do have to keep reminding myself of the full list because the cravings do still come and although I haven't been close to breaking my quit yet, I need to stay that way and to keep my guard and my motivation up. I had a bad craving today, while shopping, I think that it may just be to do with the routine of it but they frighten me a little. I really want to do this. I really want to do the best for me, my family and my pets. 
Poor little kitties having to breathe in smoke. I bet they are super happy now though!
Thanks for another great post :)