By inathinworld

Why Is There So Much Month Left At The End Of The Money

Thank god it’s Friday.  I’ve never been so glad to see the end of a week – this week seems to have gone on and on forever but Friday, Friday afternoon in fact, is here at long last and the weekend is just a few hours away.  
One of things that I am noticing since I quit is that I’m not worrying so much about money.  I am absolutely useless with money and despite earning a reasonable salary (not a high earner but not too low either) I never have any money.  My bills get paid on payday and within a week of the money hitting my bank account, it’s nearly all gone (over half of it goes before I touch my account on payday through direct debits) – I always liked the phase “Why is there so much month left at the end of the money”.  Although I obviously am saving money, according to my ap I’ve currently saved over £90 in the past two and a half weeks, I don’t know where that money is gone because it’s certainly not in my empty bank account.  I guess that when I was smoking, I would find the money, I would scrimp and save and skim money off the top of the food money, or the electric money or even my travel money in order to make sure I had my fix.  I do not drive and I remember a time, not so long ago, that I had to visit my dad in hospital and I had just enough money for the bus fare there and back (£3.50).  The return bus fare was exactly the same amount of money as a packet of 10 cheap cigarettes.  I had no cigarettes and no other money.  I would never have spent the money and not gone to see my dad – my dad was very ill – but I spent the money on a packet of 10 cigarettes and walked the hour and a half walk there and the hour and a half back so that I could smoke.  This wasn’t the first time either.  While living in London, I spent two and a half hours walking back home from west London to my home in Streatham so that I could buy a packet of cigarettes and often walked the 40 minute walk home from work so that my nicotine habit could be satisfied.  I wont have to do that anymore.  
Although I am not seeing the money I have saved, being without money is not the desperate, miserable situation it was when I was smoking.  I don’t worry about it so much now.  As long as there is food in the cupboard, the radiators and water is hot and I can get back and fore to work.  I am ok.  Cigarettes made me sacrifice these things.  I can focus on myself and my own needs now and I will not go back!! 
I dont feel any richer after quitting smoking. I just seem to always have a little more than before in my bank account.
We are quit literally free now :)
its like giving your self a £2000 pay rise over the year
love your posts :) stay strong
thanks all x