By inathinworld

Vaping And My Best Friend

Hello all. Today has been quite a difficult day. I still can't get over how some days are so hard and some are not that bad. I seem to have so much to worry about today and the quitting just adds another layer of stress to a difficult situation. Stress isn't usually a trigger for me but I just feel like I need the five minute break. Sometimes I think it's just the five minutes peace and quiet that helps. It's just time to thinks and clear my mind. I have been drinking a lot of tea instead.

I have been talking to a lot of people about vaping today (using electronic cigarettes). I'm not about to start using them but they seem to work for some people. I was even speaking to someone today who has started smoking again after 3 years of vaping because he wasn't allowed to use his e-cig (he lives in supported housing). My brother used an electronic cigarette to quit. He used it for about a month and then quit all together - he's in the armed forces so quitting has really helped him with his fitness. 

I used an e-cigareete for a while last year and did live it... I even blogged for a while about vaping and the benefits of it. I do not think they are perfect but if you are using a good quality device and good quality vapour from a reputable source, it is better for you than smoking. My problem was that it was too heavily linked to smoking and it was too easy to switch between the two. I don't need the "crutch" of the actual device and the handbook mouth action and the e-cigareete did not hit the spot when it came to the relaxed moments that I wanted to smoke. I always thought it was OK to have a few cigarettes as well and so never stopped smoking fully. I think it can work as a quitting device and it is better than smoking but we still don't know the risks of long term use. Sometimes the impact of these things doesn't raise it's ugly head until years and years later. 

I am getting somewhere I think. I'm still using plenty of lozenges a day but I think that, like vaping, it's so much beer than smoking. My best friend also quit today so proud of her. She's in a tough place emotionally at the moment and quitting is difficult but she is stronger than she knows and, if I can do this, so can she. And so can we all. 
You are certainly getting somewhere - you are a real trooper making it this far! Not long until this all starts to end :)
Yup its on off on off for a while. Instead of just 100% on like the first few days! Hang in there, as time goes on the good days start to take over until there are no more bad days (well, no more bad cravings days!)
Thanks for sharing :) Good points about vaping.
Congrats to your friend! Get her on Quitza!
Love the daily updates! There is alot of controversy around vaping. I have been quit for a long time but i would love to try one just to see what it is like. Of course i wont now im a non smoker...
I think it depends on what causes the craving For me it was the hand-mouth activity so ane-cif was helpful for me. I used an e-cig for 6 week and graddually reduced to 0 Nic and evneutally did not need it. But I would not start it after 2+ weeks. Good luck.