By inathinworld

Stop Smoking Day And 164,000 Cigarettes

It’s no smoking day today and I am not smoking, that’s not quite a first (I wasn’t smoking last year at this time) but it is unusual.  We are having a small not smoking event at work today and I’m making an effort to be involved as I think it may help to boost my dedication to quitting. I’ve already sent four people to the session who want to quit and supported two colleagues to quit today – I feel like I’m becoming a “quit smoking ambassador” and I’m loving it – Maybe it will help me maintain my own quit.  
I worked out the other day that if I continued smoking for the next thirty years (If I lived that long) and smoked 15 cigarettes a day, I would smoke another One Hundred and Sixty Five Thousand (16,500) cigarettes and spend in excess of Sixty thousand pounds – that’s assuming that cigarettes don’t increase in price – very unlikely to happen! I think that reminding myself of this will help because when I have quit before, I always have the thought that I can just have one, or I can just smoke for the week I’m on holiday or I can just smoke while I’m out with friends – NO! One cigarette always leads to more, one week to one month and one night could lead to 16,000 cigarettes and enough money for a (granted extremely small and in a bad location) house.  I cannot do this to myself.  I have a life to lead.
I am proud to be a quitter and not to be a slave of my nicotine habit.  I like not worrying about when the next cigarette will be and how I’m going to buy my next packet.  I like the fact that I can breathe in deeply and that my skin is already brighter.  I’m still not sure what to do with the extra time I have though – I still struggle with the quiet moments and the down time but I’m doing ok – I’ve nearly watched all of The Walking Dead as I’m trying not to go out so much.  I want to be healthier and I want to be able to live a better, more fulfilled life.  My reliance on cigarettes is silly and ridiculous – it’s such a clever drug and I’ve been such a mug for so long to be constantly doing what I’m told by something that just wants to kill me.  My body and my mind will be my own from now on.  Not One Puff Ever.  NOPE! 

That is awesome! Leading by example! Be sure to send them to Quitza!
NOPE! £60,000 is scary...
It really is a clever drug, but not clever enough! because we are free!
Wow!! You should become an ambassador! Inspriational!