By debmac2563

Over 2 Months Total 69 Days

Well Im still here and feeling rather happy with myself, its probably the best I've ever been at Quitting. I am still having Nicorettes a few a day just not ready to let go of them just yet! Im wondering to myself when the switch in my brain will turn to Im not a smoker rather than a smoker that is not smoking!!!! There are times when I think about it but not as often as the early weeks. Sometime I just think about how it might feel to have one I think it would be so good at the time, BUT then I think about going back to that life and think its just not worth it when I've come so far.

I want to feel like a non smoker, why do not not feel this way yet even though Im on my 3rd month? I am not going to smoke again thats the decision I've made. I suppose when you have smoked for your whole adult life its like starting over in some ways.
Don't get me wrong the positives far outweigh the negatives and that is what drives me but I can also see how easy it would be to fall back into old ways. I can't say that I'm craving just thinking about it now and then. I have not got to the stage of buying any or even the struggling to drive past the shop without getting any. Im back today for strength from you guys and sign the NOPE. it helps 
I think time and willpower are the main things that make us feel better. At 6 months I don't have any cravings, but occasionally think about smoking. It still seems odd to me that I am not smoking after a decades long habit. At a certain point we transition from a smoker trying to quit, to a former smoker. But I don't think I will ever feel like a non smoker after smoking for so long. But as long as I don't smoke, it doesn't matter much.
Hours away from 69 days cold turkey. Congrats to U!!
Its totally normal. Its a habit we have been doing for most of our adult lives. It is as "natural" to us as breathing. It does fade it just takes a little while :)
Thanks for a great post making a great point!
The longer you reamain an ex smoker the less you will feel those little thoughts.