By alpeitzmeier5

Why Is The Fighting Sooo Hard?!

I'm sitting at work struggling to all ends of the Earth. I stopped and bought an Orange Julius today to try and help rid my body of the toxins. Plus, I'm sooo used to grabbing a Dr. Pepper on my way in so I wanted something to different to change up the routine. I can't help but think "I want a cigarette." Even though I don't.

I spent the last 3 weeks of my smoking life researching how to stop smoking, as I was smoking. If that doesn't scream how loudly I DON'T WANT to smoke, I don't know what does.

The fear was crazy bad. I would find any excuse under the sun to smoke. And now, I'm sitting here looking for one again. "Oh, I'll quit tomorrow." Well, what is so wrong with today? Why tomorrow? It's going to be the same thing tomorrow anyway.

Ughhh. How do I make it stop?!
Hi alpeitmeir5. From your stats it seems you have just started quitting today. All I can see re the cravings is it will get better the longer you go, so right now is the worst!
Totally normal. You are going to feel rough for a little while. but it does end. think of it like an illness for the next week or two. Eventually you will get better :) stay strong
Not much you can do to make it stop. Just time unfortunatly. But you only have to do this once. You are determined and you are stronger than this addiction. You can do this! Do not give in!
You are right, its never the perfect time to quit! NOW is always the best time :) Good luck with the quit. Take it from all us ex smokers here - it does get better and it does end :)
Its a battle thats for sure, just get through the bad days however you can and enjoy the good days, I try and focus on all the positive things. I bet your skin is looking better already!!!
Thanks for sharing the honesty. The first 3 days are hell. But power through it might not seem like it but you can break free it does end.
It is only time, but by the weekend you will feel better. You don't want to go through this again.
One day at a time - each day it will get easier - stay strong - you got this 👍