By brendasbaby

I Will Stop Questioning Myself!!!!

As I sit here and enter day number 2. I continue to ask myself. Why? There are of why questions circling in my head right now. Why did I start smoking? Why did I even keep smoking as long as I did? Did I really feel comfortable torturing myself every time I smoked a cigarette? Why did I even enjoying putting thousands of chemicals in my body a day. Today I feel horrible. The with drawl from this addiction is horrible. And I wish I wouldn’t have even started the damn thing in the first place. I made it thru my first twenty-four hours but it feels like a lot longer than that. The with drawl phase of this quit is really getting to me.  I have to continue to ask myself why am I doing this? But then I remember why? I’m doing it for the people I love and care about; most importantly I’m doing it for myself. I know I have a long emotional rode ahead of me.  With a lot of cravings but I have to keep in my mind I CAN DO THIS!!!!  Last night around 10pm I had a weird feeling that I lost something and I was actually missing cigarettes. It was like I was mourning the loss of a friend that had died. I think that’s when I finally realized how much I truly depended on cigarettes. It actually made me really mad. That I had leaned on something that hard for so long that I would mourn when it was gone. I am scared of not succeeding but I’m also confident I will. The only thing stopping my from making this a successful quit is myself. I had to make a choice yesterday. My fiancé called and asked if I wanted cartilages or if I want a pack of cigarettes. And I made the choice of cartilages for my e-cig instead of getting another pack of cigarettes. That made me feel really confident in myself that not only am I doing this I am doing really well even though it is the first 24 hours I have still done better then in my previous quits. I know that no matter what I’m going to have to put my all into this quit and no matter how much the nicodemon tries to convince me NOT EVEN ONE PUFF. Here’s to day 2!!
Hi brendasbaby, welcome to Quitza. It gets easier, although I must admit I've always used Champix to quit. This is the sort of 'friend' your cigarette is:
thank you for the article
Thanks for sharing and welcome what an awesome post!
Roll on day 2!
really suffering with day 2
keep it up, the first step is the hardest. Things are going to be rough for a week or two, but you can do this. And if you are super strong for the next few weeks - you never have to do this again for the rest of your much longer and healthier and wealthier life.
You are right you can do this! I love the determination! Thanks for an AWESOME post. loved reading it. Stay strong and post often you can do this and we are here for you.
no problem sillygraph