By inathinworld

Week 2 Done - Oral Fixation And Removing The Smoker

As of yesterday, I have now not smoked for two full weeks! I am very proud of myself and at times almost surprised by how “easy” it can be.  I mean, it’s not easy, but it is possible, doable, and it is a case of mind over matter.  
I went to my second stop smoking session last night and it was quite interesting – unfortunately no sign of the lady with emphysema from last week – but others were there and are going strong.  The group are all using different forms of NRT and treatment.  I am still using lozenges but have stopped using the patches, two ladies are using Champix, a man is using the mouth spray and the last two were using a nasal spray and an inhalator.  Its quite interesting how some people really seem to need the sensation of having something in their hands or are still focusing on the hand to mouth gesture (inhalator, mouth spray) while others need the “crutch” of reducing and removing the need of the nicotine addiction (nasal spray and Champix).  I personally need something the occupy my mouth – lozenges are working so far! I am by nature a little orally fixated if you listen to Freud – I’m a nail biter, a pleasure eater and a pen chewer and I WAS a smoker.  I think the lozenges work for me because they fulfil this need – maybe I can blame my mum for giving me a dummy when I was a baby (A dummy I remember being taken away from me when I was 3).  Maybe I’m still looking for my dummy?
This last week has been both easier at times and more difficult at others than I expected.  I have gone through hours of the day when I have barely thought about smoking but then, out of nowhere, an intense craving has hit.  I was sat at my desk an hour ago, knowing I had 10 minutes to a meeting, and was standing up to grab my coat and go outside for a cigarette before I remembered that I don’t smoke any more.  I hope this passes soon but I guess that smoking has interwoven itself so deeply into my daily routine that it is difficult to untangle my smoking life from the rest of my life.
A though occurred to me last night.  I suddenly thought that I now feel like a “normal” person, not a “smoker”.  I need remove the smoker from the person, Im getting there.    
Congratulations on two weeks!
You are over heck week! Things are going to slowly start to calm down now :)
Thanks for sharing. The dummy thing made me laugh :)
Congrats you have earned this quit. With this determination you are going to succeed. Keep it up
thanks all x