By kristinasteni

Struggling Really Badly Right Now.

How long have other people lasted without nicotine? Smokes or suppliments? I've gone a few weeks, months but I always snap eventually. I'm torn right now because I haven't smoked in a few months but I just remembered there are a few in the back of the shead that I just completely forgot where there untill right now, and I don't want them but I do. I'm thinking I've done so well that just one won't hurt. I'm thinking that I've lasted so long without one that I can handle it. I'm thinking I diserve it and it's just tonight, it's been a bad day, my will power will still be there tomorrow. Im thiking why not, I won't feel ashamed tomorrow I really diserve a break. Im rearly struggling. Dam. I need help.
Just one is going to eventually make you a smoker again. You think you can get away with it, and maybe you do with the first one. So you do it again, and again, and again.. Dont give in. A smoke wont give you a break its the cause of the issues not the cure
Protect your quit! Throw those smokes in the bin! You wont like the taste - you are just having a bad day beacuse you are not totally out of the woods yet. The cravings are not constant like at the start but they will still be around on bad days for a little while. This is one of those bads days and the craving will pass. It probably already has. Please stay strong and keep us updated :)
Please dont do it. It wont change anything except make you feel guilty. Just one puff will set you on the road to smoking again.
kristina- I hope you hang in there. Get someone else to throw away those ones in the shed. Go for a walk or do 5 jumping Jacks
You won't even enjoy smoking after going so long without. The first one will taste like putting the contents of an ashtray in your mouth, yet it will likely reawaken the nicotine receptors in your brain and nourish them to start hassling you to start smoking again. Best avoid.
One always hurts, thats all it take, There is nothing wrong with nicotine supplements, its better than smoking. Whatever you need to do for you. Good luck. I could not cope with any laying around thats for sure.
You don't want all the
You don't want all the cigs that come with it. N.O.P.E
You did the right thing by reaching out :) Like the others have said you can beat this! Stay strong
Thanks guys. I'm gonna go back on to nicotine replacement for a bit longer I think. Lucky I still have some here or I would have been at the shops buying smokes last night for sure. I'm fine today tho, and will be throwing those little cancer sticks out!