By brendasbaby

Today Is The Day I Finally Say " I QUIT"

March 7, 2016 I am vowing to myself to say I quit. I quit robbing myself of good heath. I quit spending all my free money on these awful fifthy cigarettes. I will not robbed my future children of a mother and my future grandchildren of a grandma. I will be around to watch the love of my life brenda, see me grow old together and i will watch her do the same. I will know that every cigarette i don't smoke with be better for not only me my the ones i love and care about. I will not give into the addiction. No matter how many times, the nicodemon tries to get me to give in. Not even a puff will i do. I have equipped myself with the tools that i will need to complete this challenge and complete it successfully. I have candy, patches if needed.  I have also purchased Allen Carr Easy way to stop smoking. I an e-cig with very little nicotine in it which will be switching to 0 as soon as i can buy the carriages for me it. Without smoking i can start focusing on the things that matter in life. number 1 my heath number 2 my family and friends, my fur baby. I have to ask myself this question on a daily basis. Where will my family, friends and fur baby be if i continue to smoke myself to death? What will i leave them with? My answer right now is nothing, i can't leave them with nothing i want leave them with my lecacy that i have live life. i  have overcome many obstacles in my life. That no matter what life handed me I never gave up not even alittle. They can say to themselves that no matter how hard quitting smoking would be she never once gave up on trying that’s all I really wants to leave behind. So I know everyday and every mintute will be challenging. And I will have many many many many test ahead of me.  As it is the first day of not smoking, I have not been around a smoker, my first challenge is going into the world and running into people smoking and also seeing cigarettes for sale. And not walking into the store and buying a pack. That has always been my demon, giving in easily and no being able to fight it off. I know that I will have to overcome that but Im so scared that I cant, I know that I cant hide in this apartment forever but I know that I can do anything I set my mind too. That is all for todays journal. I am going to kick this niodemons ass!!!!!!
Welcome! You sound very determined! You got this!
this is my 3rd attempt in that last month i am very determined this time.
Awesome post! That is fighting talk! You're gonna win this battle we are here for you!
The most important thing is that you dont quit quitting. Its great that you keep trying again so quickly! Keep us updated we are here for you!
Thank you Stefan
Will do Shole