By inathinworld

Wheezing, Wheezing, Wheezing...

I do not feel well! I have a throbbing headache, a stuffy nose, a wheezing chest and a sore neck.  With the exception of the sore neck, I’m blaming smoking although I am concerned that my chest is tight now – two weeks after quitting.  I woke up this morning and I could heat the wheezy rattling of my chest before I opened my eyes.  Its scares me to death and it just smacks of COPD, chest infections and asthma.  I really do worry that I have caused irreparable damage to my lungs and that I will never breathe well again.  
I have a doctor’s appointment this evening and I will be taking a list – my breathing being one of the things on the list although I’m sure she will be pleased that I have quit smoking.  Should I still be wheezing?  How long does it take before your lungs clear and you can breathe again?  I do suspect that my boyfriend may have been smoking in the room while I slept last night – we have talked about it and usually he goes outside but he’d been out for a drink last night and the alcohol may have made him forget – he’s not deliberately selfish but can be a little thoughtless.  
I’m at work today – my computer screen is not really helping ,y headache but there is so much to do that I can’t take a day off.  I have panel meetings to organise and events to plan and assistants to manage.  I do enjoy my job, as I’ve said before, but sometime I need a rest and after a relatively busy weekend I feel like I need some more sleep, especially when I don’t feel well.
I do remember from last time I quit that I found that I didn’t feel that well for a while – I wonder what I have done to my body and my immune system.  I’d really like to feel better and I want to start to be healthier but I’d like to feel it too.  I’m trying so hard, trying to eat better, not smoke and to exercise.  I feel like I deserve it! Although after abusing my body and my health for so many years I assume and guess that it may take a while for me to really feel the health benefits.  How long did it take you to really feel well?  Does anyone have any advice for starting to feel better more quickly?  Is the wheezing normal?  
Good idea getting to a doctor. It's always the best course of action.
I agree. better safe than sorry x
I wheezed a little bit, but your doctor will tell you if its normal or not.
Depends on what you mean by started to feel better. By the end of the first month my cravings were managable but still noticeable. By the end of month 2 they were basically gone and i felt fine.
About 7 weeks for me to be 90% fine 90% of the time.
thanks for sharing. hang in there it gets better - good idea on seeing the doc.
Thanks all. Doctor says the wheezing is probably an allergy... maybe to my boyfriends smoke and maybe to our animals... that would be much worse.