By inathinworld

Happy Mothers Day To All You Quitters

To all of you mothers out there quitting today for your children or grandchildren, happy mothers day. It is mothering Sunday in the UK for those of you who do not share this little island with us and I its seems to have got me thinking and reaffirming why I am quitting.  I'd like to be a mother sometime soon and quitting will hopefully help to get me there.   I am doing other things to help me prepare roo,  I am also going to excersize classes three times a week. The one thing i can't change and i do worry about is my age... I'm 36 and the days and months are passing... i know that it is still possible at this age but for how much longer? 

My own lovely mother was 19 when she got married and had me less than a year later. By the time she age she had three children, the youngest of which was 11... quite scary! I had a very different late teens and early 20s. I was at university at 19 and spent the next few years moving around the country. I moved from Wales,  to Portsmouth to Birmingham and finally settled in London when I was 24. I lived there for the next 9 years... and loved it! I stayed in London until my dad got ill and I moved back to Wales to help look after him. The life I lived in London was so different to the life my mum led. I had a good job, I had freedom, I had friends and experienced so many things. London was a brilliant place to spend my 20s but by the time dad got ill, I was early 30s and time was passing to start thinking about settling down a bit.. maybe if I had had my mum's type of life, I may have given up smoking much earlier, I may never have started. She never did. My mum lived a healthy life. She's never smoked, never really drunk much (although she does love a bottle of champagne at Christmas?) And now at 56, runs regularly, danced competitively and enjoys the life she lives - although is slightly neurotic and doesn't deal with stress well.  My mum is also a perfectionist and wouldn't let something like an addiction to nicotine get in her way.  I love my mum more than I can say and I'm going to add being the healthy daughter she wants to my list of reasons to quit.  

Happy mothers day ladies. I hope you stay strong today. We are doing this for ourselves,  our mothers,  our children and our future children. 
I know how happy my mother was when she found out i quit!
Thanks for sharing, your posts are awesome!