By inathinworld

A Little Bit If Determination... And Some Sleep!

Well hello Saturday.. . It's so nice to finally have the opportunity  to have a lie in and to not have to get up and face the world immediately.  I had a very long day in the end yesterday and was surrounded by smokers. We spent the afternoon at a protest about housing and, as we were outside, the smokers amongst our group smoked almost all of the time. It was a difficult day. It also got cold, wet and was very long so, by the time I got home, I was extremely tired and cranky. 

Never mind, a good night sleep does me the world of good.  It makes me feel better and more able to face the world again.  This is good as I'm off to meet my best, but still smoking, friend today. We are off to take part in a boxercise class and then have coffee. We meet for coffee on a Saturday every couple of weeks but this will be the first time that we've met since I have quit. I will be insisting that we sit inside which will be different than our usual Al fresco coffee drinking. This will be especially good as it is absolutely freezing! 

It is so odd dealing with things that you have done every day, every week, every month as there is such routine involved. Routine that, unfortunately, means cigarette breaks, smoking buddies and smoking locations. It still surprises me just how ingrained life smoking was and how hard detaching myself from it is proving to be. I really do feel that I'm going to do it this time though.  I really want to do it and I am not finding myself envying smokers this time, Something that has led to me giving up on quitting before. 

I think that I've got to keep reminding myself why I am quitting, what I'm trying to avoid and what I'm trying to achieve. I think if I keep reminding myself what it felt like to have a chest infection and that the doctor told me that copd would feel like that all of the time. I also have to keep reminding myself of my dad's request for me to quit and of the promise Iade to quit. I loved my dad so much and he's not here and if it wasn't for smoking he may still be here. I'm going to do this this time. I have to. 
Sounds like a tough day in a quit! but you survived!
breaking the habit and the routine is one of the hardest parts. long after the cravings are gone i still have the occasional "oh i used to smoke now" thought. Very rare and not difficult at all to overcome. But it does happen to me
COPD would be so horrible. For me its more scary than cancer
Thanks for sharing :) keep up the good work