By inathinworld

Do I Have An Addictive Personality??

I’ve always thought that I smoked because I have an addictive personality but the more I read about addiction, the less I think that I do have one.  A lot of what I have been reading suggests that addictive personalities tend to be thrill seeking and pleasure seeking and although I do like to feel pleasure, I don’t think my seeking of pleasure is any more needful or intense than anyone else’s.
Saying that, I also have a problem with food and with maintaining my weight and do eat to much and find pleasure in doing so.  I don’t comfort eat as such but I do like the feeling of being full, particularly full of lovely, satisfying carbohydrates – I particularly love mashed potato! I guess this is pleasure seeking to a degree but I am not a thrill seeker – I mean I like roller coasters but I am naturally cautious of anything immediately dangerous – I do value my life.  
I have never been in to drugs or even alcohol to a great degree – I used to drink a bit when I was young but I have never really liked the feeling of being drunk – I do dislike being out of control!  
A friend of mine quit smoking using the same Nicotine replacement treatment as me – lozenges.  He quit two years ago and is still using them today – he substituted his smoking addiction with an addiction to nicotine lozenges – I’m assuming he must have an addictive personality but it is obviously a much better thing to be addicted to because I guess it doesn’t have any of the real nasties that smoking has….  But maybe he’s like me, maybe he doesn’t have a really addictive personality and maybe the gentle pleasure of the nicotine lozenge just makes him feel a little better and that is enough!  Will it be so bad if in 2 years’ time, I’m still taking nicotine lozenges daily?  Will it mean that I’m addictive by nature and going to have to fight my own personality flaw for the rest of my life?  Does it really matter, so long as I’m not smoking?  
I don’t really know the answer to all of these questions but I guess that questioning myself is a really good way of trying to moderate my behaviour and control the dangerous urge to smoke.  I do not want to smoke, I do not want to get COPD and I do not want to be addicted to a dangerous substance for the rest of my life.  I am not going to be a victim of cigarettes and am saying NOPE!    
Thanks for sharing, another great post
Whatever works for the individual to stop smoking is all that matters. Stay strong thanks for sharing
We are not victims of smoking anymore! We are free!
COPD scares the heck outta me.