By inathinworld

Cravings And Excersize... Adding Yoga To The Mix

The weather is horrible today. I have a day off and wanted a lie in but the wind has kept me awake. The wind was blowing bins and garden furniture around in both my garden and my next door neighbour's. 

It's disappointing that the first thought that I had this morning when I woke was having a cigarette so I fought my way out from underneath my duvet (and my cats) and found my nicotine lozenges. The ones I got from the pharmacy yesterday are bigger and stronger than the ones I have been using but they work. They do make me feel a little sick but at least they took away that sickly urge to smoke. 

Today,  despite the ache in my arms and knees from my HIIT class on Monday,  I'm going to try a new yoga class tonight. I've done some yoga but never as part of a proper class and I'm quite looking forward to trying. I think it may be quite difficult. 

The main advantage and thing that I have noticed is that my breathing is better and this has really helped with my desire to do more excersize - an attempt to curb the weight gain of quitting. It is so nice to really feel the aching muscles and the sweating as the main effect of excersize rather than the wheezing, coughing and the frightening and worrying inability to breath.

I have been trying to do three sessions of excersize a week. I have been doing the high impact interval training on a Monday - repeated 1 minute bursts of jumping squats,  burpees, high knees,  planks, sit ups, press ups and star jumps, amongst other things for 45 minutes with 30 second rests  - on Thursday I have been doing Zumba - I love Zumba, just like dancing - and on Saturday I've started boxercise... skipping and punching a bag - if it was punching a person, I wouldn't be doing that as I hate real boxing. I want to add yoga to this to help improve my wellbeing as well as my strength as that is something I'm struggling with. I'm hoping that the yoga will be calming and help with my nicotine caused moodiness.  

My work colleagues and I are going to attempt the Welsh 3 peaks in the summer... that would be climbing 3 Welsh mountains,  snowdon, cadair idris and pen y fan. I've climbed pen y fan before but not after two other, much larger, mountains.  I am not fit at the moment,  in fact I am quite overweight so I'd like to use this opportunity to get fitter and get up those mountains without being the person they have to call the air ambulance out for!  
Oh i have heard of the 3 peaks! That would be quite a test! Good luck!
Thanks for sharing, stay strong. love reading your posts!
thanks both
Good to see you are putting your new healthier lungs to work :) Thanks for sharing
Yoga is great for quitting. it really helped me with the cravings
Ina..Keep it are doing extremely well !!