By inathinworld

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

I have quit smoking before and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in the form of patches, inhalers, oral strips and lozenges have been my saviour, as they are this time.  I use an on-line Facebook group for extra support and many people seem to have really strong views about using NRT and feel that it is almost cheating, that you are not a proper quitter unless you are quitting smoking “cold Turkey”.  I think it is a shame that you remain Nicotine dependant using NRT and so do not expel the poisonous, addictive, evil stuff from your body BUT it would be so much harder to stick to if I was dealing with the cravings without the nicotine replacement – they hurt as it is! 

I went to a “Stop Smoking Wales” group session last night as I wanted more nicotine replacement and, if I go to the group, I can get it for free.  The group was really full with around 8 people, 4 started previously and there were 4 new members.  I was really moved by one lady who has emphysema – what a horrible illness – she’s not that old and didn’t smoke that much but apparently only 58% of the oxygen that she takes into her lungs, gets into her blood stream and it makes her really tired and breathless and even walking is difficult.  This is one of my biggest fears – I suffered with chest infections and have weak lungs in general  so I guess I’m at risk of this – it’s so frightening and she can’t see a rosy future at all – there is no cure and it won’t get better.  I really feel for her, it seems so unfair that some people smoke all of their lives and live into their 80’s, breathing ok and others are suffering in their 40’s and 50’s… I don’t want to be part of that group and I’m hoping that quitting now will help my lungs to heal and prevent this.  

I was prescribed mini-lozenges and 15mg patches – enough to keep me going for the next week.  I want to go back to the session next week and feel better again.  I want to wake up in the morning and not cough and not wheeze and not have to catch my breath.  The healing is starting already but there is so long to go that I have to keep fighting.  I can do this and so can you!       
Those facebook groups can be so unfriendly. I try my best to spread the word about Quitza in there when i see someone getting bashed for using NRT. You should too! This place is so welcoming of all types of quitters. And that clinic visit sounds eye opening!
it's true Natalie214 ... I don't know why people feel the need to belittle people for using the best method for them. I will spread the word. I've been sharing my links and posts to the support group but Quitza has been so much more supportive!
Yup i found here from a FB group too. People were hating too much. Congrats on another day quit!
Emphysema is my biggest worry, such a horrible illness. Thanks for sharing!
Its disgusting how this drug does that to people. Stay strong and thanks for sharing. Will you be going back to the clinic - i want more stories!
I'll be back at the clinic next Monday. I love posting so will be trying to post every day. it helps me and makes me so happy and positive that you like reading
Quitting before we get to that stage is the only thing that lets me sleep at night sometimes. I worry about the damage i have already done to my body - as long as i dont smoke and do more it could have been worse like those people you mentioned!
I'm the same bassrain. it terrifies me. I hope stopping now will prevent this.