By inathinworld

A Fair Weather Smoker......

After re-reading yesterday’s post, it got me thinking about why I smoked and, more importantly at this point, how I don’t start smoking again. 

It seems clear that I associate smoking with relaxing, fun and confidence.  I see it as related to the cool people, the fun people, the people who don’t care what others think and feel that living fast and dying young is cool.  That attitude of you only live once (YOLO) seems really misplaced when it comes to smoking as it does seem to engender that attitude when you’re young and healthy but as you get older, it seems to make life more and more difficult to actually live.  

I really struggle not to smoke when I am relaxed and happy and with friends, particularly amongst friends who smoke.  I almost worry about going away with friends to warm, relaxed places like spain or Greece because I obviously associate smoking with that kind of environment.  I went away twice last year, once for a few days to Malaga and once for a week to Alicante.  The first trip was with a group of 8 girls (plus a baby girl) for a relaxed “hen” weekend.  We stayed in a beautiful old farmhouse that was right at the top of the Malaga hills.  There was only one other smoker in the group but that was enough to start me smoking.  We spent our days relaxing around the pool or driving to Malaga to sightsee around the city and our evenings eating together outside near the BBQ, eating lovely local, fresh food and drinking local wine (sometimes at around €1 a bottle).  The trip was bliss but I associated the relaxation and the happiness with smoking and started again on the first night of the trip (I had been quit for three and a half months before that).  The second trip was to Alicante with a friend.  We stayed in a lovely apartment and spent our time between the beach and the local bar.  I was already smoking regularly again by this time and, as my friend was also a smoker, continued smoking and making use of Spain’s cheap tobacco. 

Both holidays were bliss and I need to relax but relaxing does tend to lead to my smoking.  I think that I need to associate something else with relaxing, perhaps I need to stay away from smokers on holiday for a while.  I have no holidays booked and I don’t really drink anymore so maybe this time I’ll do it.  I have good reasons to quit and I need to keep those in mind!
Lovely, thanks for sharing
holidays and smoking used to go hand in hand for me. sun and cheap smokes. The first time i went away after quitting i craved quite hard for a day or so. Great post. thanks for sharing
you can totally do this. you just have to be aware of how difficult it can be for a day or so when you go on holiday next
Thanks guys. I really appreciate the support
stay strong. thanks for sharing :)
a very good point. even after we quit we will get triggers - vacation smokes are an often overlooked one.