By dominique06

Very Frustrated At The Moment

My husband and I had agreed to quit smoking together. I started slowly over a month to cutting back every few days until i was down to 1 a day then finally quit. It has definitely not been a walk in the park but I've done it. My husband bought a vape with max amount of nicotine and has been using that. I had just found in the last week he's bought 2 packs of smokes and has been smoking at work. I'm completely frustrated and upset that I'm having a hard time not going out and smoking again.
Don't smoke it's not worth it! It's HIS QUIT, not yours. Let him blow HIS nobody is responsible for keeping or blowing your quit but you. You want to keep this I know you do :)
you are already over hell week, you only have a couple more weeks before the cravings become totally managable. Dont let his quit weaken yours. you got this.
that sucks to find out. but you have still done this - his quit failing does not mean yours will. Keep your head up, come on here and quit with us instead! When you are smoke free and feeling great again he might beleive it is possible enough to try properly
thanks guys, I'm proud to say I did not give in and I can proudly say I am still SMOKE FREE!!!!
thanks for sharing, we are always here to listen - keep on staying smoke free. This really does get easier around the 1 month mark. you are over the worst
stay strong, thanks for sharing. Dont give in because he did - you can do this.
I Did that to my partner, we gave up together 5 years ago, he won I lost I started up and have just quit again. He ignored me and did not go on about it just left me until I was ready. he will quit when he is ready :) I can imagine how hard it is when the other is smoking but in my case i was the one that was smoking
Oh it definitely is hard to find out he started back up again especially since he hid it from me and lied about it. In the beginning he is the one who said we should quit and said when we would quit. I was very hesitant because I didnt want to quit and who was he to decide when I should quit. my children are the main reason I decided to quit. either way disappointed is all. sorry for my life story, I have really no one to talk to about quitting since all friends and family are smokers.
Talk here👍🏼 I lied as well he probably feels ashamed! I think the smoking cycle is like being a junkie! I is for me anyway! The lies and shame sneaking around ! A nasty cycle . Your doing great 😀