By elrup

101 Days And Counting....

Evenin' all...

Been a while since I last posted - if I'm honest I try to ignore the whole "I used to smoke" thing, and only check in here very occassionally to check how long I've quit for.   Today is 101 days since I quit, so do I feel loads better for it?

Yes and no... I stopped the Champix about 4 weeks ago, and that was slightly odd.  I still think about having a cigarette (I thought about it for 20  years before, it's going to take a while to stop thinking about them), but it seems pretty easy to ignore any cravings.

My big issues right now are food and drink.  I do both to excess.

Since I've stopped smoking I've put on a stone...  I eat like an absolute horse... and the vino is way to tasty, so I drink like a fish.  So much so, that I've booked to see a healthcare professional to see if I can't sort it out before it turns in to something more serious (we have "health trainers" here in sunny Norfolk that help  with these kind of things, and they're free to use).

I don't think I have a specific issue, rather I want to stop it from becoming an issue... and if the healthcare advice is freee, then why not? :)

I've been outside doing a lot of walking and running... I've still not  got the energy I should have and I get out of breath way too quick, but that's still going to take a while - it's part of the healing process and I need to be honest with myself and admit I'm not 20 anymore... :(

TBH, it't not that I feel amazingly good for quitting, it's that smoking made me feel crappy... I just don't feel crappy anymore; I don't feel super-amazing-awesome, because quitting doesn't do that - you have to change other aspects of your life to feel better.

Other than that, not much to report... hope everyone is suceeding in kicking the habit!

BTW, I don't know if it helps, but search for "Joel Spitzer" on Youtube when you're feeling a bit low... he'll talk you out of your old habit! :D

'til the next time, take it easy and stick with it... if you've given up for a day, the worst is almost certainly behind you now...

Thanks for the honesty! I'm 66 days smoke free after 43 years. I get frustrated at times that I'm not having the great sleep, great energy that others talk about. Then remind myself 43 years of smoking and only 2 months quit, will take time and I am 55 s8 can't expect to feel like 20!
joels videos are great.
thinking back, my post was a wee bit negative... sorry folks... something more uplifting will be along in due course! :)
thanks for coming back to update us! was wondering how you were doing! you will feel alot better for it in your old age when you are much healthier than you would have been if you were still a smoker
Thanks for the honesty, it helps with us newbies :)