By beatthedemon

40 Days, But Still The Urge Is There Like I'm Missing Something

40 Days past, and the struggle is still there. Its an odd struggle, not like a normal battle. Its full of mind games in my head. And really the struggle doesn't happen in the mornings anymore. I have beat the "Alarm Clock" urges now. I go typically 1/2 the day without even thinking about smoking but by the afternoon, the struggle is real. Its like the mind is saying, we have been soooo good, just one can't hurt. But I have been combating that with the opposite thinking.

The thinking of what do I mean by I just want "One"... think of the old potato chip commercial, you can't have just one....

So what does just one mean?
One Cig -> One Pack -> One Day of smoking -> One Week of Smoking -> One Month of Smoking -> One Year of Smoking -> One Decade of Smoking -> One lifetime of Smoking

Considering these all start out as "Just One" the risk does not seem to be worth giving into the battle.

So while I may struggle from time to time I think of all the benefits I have seen so far... 

I can walk 7 -  10 miles a day, without being totally worn out.
I don't have to plan when to smoke... Since I spend most of my work day around a large group of Non-Smokers, I always felt like I had to hide it to not be looked at differently. Because of this, typically I only would smoke before and after work, and would try to clean up after having a few in the morning before going to work. What a pain....
Saving tons of money
More free time (sometimes this is a challenge to use productively) 
Many other health benefits that I may or may not notice 
And the list goes on of benefits

So when I think of the risks against the benefits I am already noticing, the option of having Just One, does not seem like an option at all
Great post, I'm having very similar experience, we cannot have just one...
There's no such thing as just one when you're dealing with an addiction. I feel the same and I think back to those first few days, allow all those deafening thoughts into my head.... Do I really want to start over? Nope.
The cessation of urges is a gradual process. The fact that you no longer have morning ones means it is in process. For me they ended around 3 months. Though I still occasionally think of smoking, I don't ever want to, but I guess the thoughts are never 100% gone. "just one" never works out if you are a former smoker.
just one is enough to get you back on the road to being a smoker again. stay strong
just one will make you a smoker again. you think that you can get away with it without being addcited again. so you do it more often. and before you know it you are smoking again. thanks for sharing a great point.